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Precision Equipment
M Cubed manufactures high-precision ceramic and metal-matrix composite components used in LCD manufacturing, semiconductor equipment, and optics applications. Our wide range of tailored materials, combined with our state-of-the-art machining capabilities, allow us to achieve novel enabling technologies.
Industrial Products
M Cubed manufactures reaction-bonded ceramic and metal matrix composites for industrial wear, nuclear, and mining applications. Our unique forming processes can produce the largest components in the industry, and our wide range of materials allows us to tailor a solution for your specific application.
M Cubed manufactures reaction bonded ceramic and metal matrix composite materials that are integrated into many different armor systems. In addition to manufacturing torso tiles and monolithic helicopter seats, and we also manufacture large panels used in vehicle and aerospace applications.
M-Cubed Technologies Inc.
M Cubed Technologies, Inc. was founded by the Lanxide Corporation in 1993, and has access to many materials originally licensed from Lanxide.  Over the last 17 years, we have also developed our own series of breakthroughs, making us a world leader in ceramics and metal matrix composites. M Cubed's advanced material solutions have been designed into the platforms of major semiconductor equipment OEMs. Our reaction-bonded silicon carbide composites are used in power plants around the world because of our combination of material performance and ability to manufacture exceptionally large shapes.
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